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Trust Package

We consider this to be the best all-around estate planning package.  The cornerstone of this package is the revocable living trust.  This document will direct the management of your assets during a period of incapacity as well as after your passing.  The goal of this package is to minimize the chance of your estate going through probate.  This requires careful attention to the manner in which your assets are titled, which is all a part of this package.  This is also an excellent vehicle for controlling the distribution of your estate to minors, disabled beneficiaries and those who may need assistance with the handling of their inheritance.  Real estate is a prime example of an asset that should be re-titled to your trust.  This is also an excellent package for both moderate and large estates.  In addition to the revocable living trust, the following are also included.

Pour-Over Will

The pour-over will is included to make sure that the trust is the beneficiary of any asset you may own that, for whatever reason, is not titled in the name of the trust.  This is a very important part of your overall estate plan.

Incapacity Documents

This package also includes all of the incapacity documents described under the heading "Incapacity Documents."

Transfer Deeds to Trust

Included in this package is the transfer of real estate to your trust by deed.  One deed is included for no additional charge.  Additional deeds may incur individual charges for preparation and recording.

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