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Will Package

This package is designed for those who will not benefit from having a revocable living trust.  Generally, this will be a useful package for more moderate estates with simple disposition instructions.  Anyone with real estate and/or more complicated disposition instructions, such as trusts for heirs or periodic distributions to heirs would be wise to consider using the trust package. the documents included in this package are described below.

Last Will and Testament

This package is centered around the use of the traditional Last Will and Testament.  In many cases alternate owners and/or beneficiaries will be used on your financial assets to avoid probate.  To the extent you have assets in your own name alone, using the Will does require admission of the Will to probate, unless your estate is small enough to use small estate procedures.

Incapacity Documents

This package also includes all of the incapacity documents described under the heading "Incapacity Documents."

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