Guardianships in Phoenix are proceedings to appoint someone to take care of a protected person, generally defined as someone who, for a variety of reasons, may not be able to handle their own care themselves. This involves the care and placement of the protected person.


What is it?

It is a court proceeding to appoint someone to take care of the assets and income of a protected person. A court-appointed Conservator is in charge of the assets, resources, and income and is in charge of paying bills and other necessary expenses, and must usually account to the Court on a regular basis with a very detailed accounting of how the protected person’s resources are being used.

Being Both Guardian & Conservator

There may be times when the same person is appointed as both Guardian and Conservator. An individual may designate a person to serve in those roles in their estate planning documents. Powers of Attorney in Phoenix can reduce the risk of having to file for Guardianship.  If there is no appointment, the Court will appoint someone based upon a schedule of priority and based upon the best interests of the protected person.

There unfortunately are many cases where powers of attorney do not exist and it becomes necessary to ask the Court to appoint someone to handle the protected person’s finances and person. If that is the situation you find yourself faced with, contact me to discuss how to get someone appointed to handle these matters.

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Power of Attorney

Having the foresight to set up power of attorney for things like finances and health ensures your best interests are always being considered. If you’re estate planning for yourself or with a loved one, talk to us about powers of attorney.

Not only will it proactively specify guardianship and help you avoid conservatorship, it’ll create a binding, legal course of action in accordance with your wishes.

Make Your Interests Known

Lyman Law Office specializes in matters of guardianship and conservatorship, and can advise you on powers of attorney as part of estate planning.