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Health Care Power of Attorney

It is critically important that you include a health care power of attorney in your overall estate plan, regardless of whether you choose to use a revocable living trust or a Last Will and Testament.

A health care power of attorney authorizes an agent to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to make decisions yourself.

This document allows your agent to communicate with physicians and other health care providers, have access to your medical records, and instruct those providers as to the type of health care you should be receiving.

It is important to designate someone who can make decisions on your behalf.  Talk with your family and then discuss with us.


Mental Health Power of Attorney

In addition to your health care power of attorney, you should absolutely have a mental health power of attorney that specifically deals with mental health treatment.

Most people do not realize that in Arizona an agent under a health care power of attorney cannot admit you to a level one behavioral facility for mental health evaluation and treatment. 

The consequence of not having a mental health power of attorney (or mental health powers within your health care power of attorney) is that a court-ordered guardian will have to be appointed who will have the authority needed to get you the proper mental health treatment.

Do not leave this out of your estate plan. 

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