Wills & Trusts

Estate planning is an important step in making sure your assets are handled properly after your passing. The best way to achieve your objectives is to have a written plan of instructions. This can be in the form of a will or a trust.

We will sit down with you and explain how wills and trusts work and how they differ. Choosing the appropriate vehicle depends on the nature of your assets and your family characteristics.

Likewise, those with special needs may require a trust to keep them financially stable and remain eligible for government programs. Mr. Lyman’s experience with wills and trusts in Phoenix, AZ will prove valuable in helping you decide what is best for you.

At Lyman Law Office, we serve the needs of anyone in need of estate planning, and also provide counsel for the elderly, disabled and their families. Count on us to prepare wills and trusts, handle trust administration duties and help setup special needs trusts.

Will & Trust Processes


Do you have a will that needs to be updated? Not sure if you need a trust? Lyman Law Office can help. We handle the complete preparation of all legal documents regarding wills, trusts and powers of attorney. We focus on helping clients understand the difference between a living will, will and living trust.

Mistakes with will and trust planning could lead to probate problems in the future, as well as unneeded expense for your survivors. Allow us to assist you in this vital part of estate planning to make sure your assets are handled appropriately after your passing.

Trust Administration

We’re available for trust administration in Phoenix, AZ both during your lifetime and after death. Our trust administration services ensure your estate doesn’t go through the courts, so your beneficiaries can avoid costs and delays. This ensures an estate can be handled quickly and consistent with the deceased’s wishes.

Schedule a consultation with us today and get the peace of mind that comes with certainty about the future.

Special Needs Trusts

Individuals with special needs often rely on needs-based government benefits. This includes programs like Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and ALTCS (Medicaid). Unfortunately, these programs place limits on what a person can own or earn. In the event a special needs individual receives an inheritance or compensation from a court settlement, it could disqualify them from these essential programs.

We help individuals and their families set up Special Needs Trusts, protecting their funds while ensuring they’re not barred from getting the help they need. Let us put our expertise to work for the best interests of your family.

Protect Your Estate

Wills and trusts are the best way to protect your estate and make sure it’s handled with your wishes in mind.

Contact Lyman Law Office today to set up a consultation regarding the creation of a will or trust. Ask about guardianship and conservatorship law and probate legal services.