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Estate planning can be difficult to understand.  Not all of us have experience with wills, trusts and probate and need guidance when handling those issues.

At Lyman Law Office, our goal is to provide you with information and explanation of these areas of law.  With this information, you can make an intelligent choice and move forward with confidence.

Our goal is to make estate planning services available to everyone in a manner that is clear and understandable.

We primarily serve the North Valley, including north Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Anthem, Surprise, Sun City and Scottsdale


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By far the most popular estate planning tool, a revocable trust can provide for the management of your assets during lifetime and the administration of your estate upon your death.



Every estate plan should incorporate a Last Will and Testament.  This document will identify your helrs and nominate someone to handle your estate.



Probate is the process of determining heirship and the validity of a Will, notifying and paying creditors, and distributing an estate.



It is vitally important to put into writing your wishes regarding end of life and to designate someone who you trust to carry out your health care wishes.



If an estate is small enough, it may be possible to by-pass the probate administration process.  This is known as a simplified administration.



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Frequently Asked Questions

 01  What primary services do you provide?

We are a boutique law firm focusing on estate planning.  We design estate plans using a variety of tools, including a Last Will and Testament and a Revocable Living Trust.  We also incorporate other methods of estate planning, including the use of beneficiary designations where appropriate.  Occasionally we will assist our clients with administering a probate estate.  We also prepare various medical and financial powers of attorney and other medical directives.



 02 How long have you been involved with estate planning?

I opened my own estate planning practice in Indiana back in 1990.  I have been developing estate plans using wills and trusts since that time.  I have been a frequent speaker for continuing legal education presentations involving estate planning and stay current with new developments in estate planning law.



 03  Do you charge for an initial consultation?

No.  I view an initial consultation as an opportunity for us to become acquainted and explore your goals and objectives.  Through our discussions as well as a review of a completed intake worksheet, I am able to use our initial meeting to make recommendations to you for the proper development of your estate plan.



 04  Is an estate plan expensive?

Estate plans are designed to be appropriate for the value of your estate and the nature of your asset holdings.  Some people may only have a couple of bank accounts, whereas another person may own multiple investment accounts, retirement accounts, residential real estate and out-of-state rental properties.  Fees are based on a variety of factors, with particular focus on whether the plan utilizes a Last Will and Testament or a Revocable Living Trust.  I have established basic fees for the type of plan that is appropriate for you.  All of these costs and fees will be discussed during our initial consultation so you can make a choice as to the type of plan you desire, taking into account those fees and costs.



 05  Will I work directly with you or someone else? 

You will work directly with me. I personally handle all aspects of the design and preparation of your estate plan.


You're in Good Hands!
Keith R. Lyman, Esq.

Mr. Lyman is from the mid-west, raised in Kansas City and a resident of Indiana for 28 years before moving to Arizona in 2006.

During his time in Indiana, he managed his own law practice focusing on estate planning, including living trusts, wills and powers of attorney.  He was also a Certified Financial Planner.


He has been a frequent speaker on various estate planning topics for continuing legal education and to the public.  He has also authored Teach Yourself Estate Planning in 24 Hours, published by Pearson Education, and The Strategy of Long-Term Care - How Middle and Upper Middle Class America Qualifies for Medicaid.  Additionally, he was a technical editor of Personal Financial Planning, published by Pearson Education.


Mr. Lyman's passion is the creation of estate plans for individuals and couples.  Every case presents unique issues that require knowledge and experience to resolve properly.  Mr. Lyman believes that estate planning is far more than creating a set of documents; it is the creation of a framework from which a client's goals and objectives can be realized and with the flexibility to meet the inevitable changes that we all face over time.

Work with Mr. Lyman to make certain that your plan will meet your expectations.

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